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Sustainable Fabrics @ Green Serene

Cotton grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or insecticides. Usually followed up with a natural dye process; does not harm environment since the organic process produces no chemical run-off.
Grows without the use of pesticides, fertilizers and needs little water. Releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere and matures in seven years (compared to 30 for regular trees.) It spreads fast, up to 3 ft. per day. Naturally anti-bacterial, keeps body cool in hot conditions and warm in cold. Durable and soft alternative to cotton and silk
Mady by spinning reconstituted cellulose from beech trees, absorbs natural dyes easily; a form of rayon.
Referred to as the European cousin of Tencel, Cupro is made of regenerated cellulose fiber. It breathes like Cotton, drapes beautifully and feels like silk. Perfect for dresses and blouses.
Small ecological footprint, grows without the need for herbicides or fertilizers, needs little water. More than 25,000 uses, extremely earth friendly.
Man-made bio-degradeable fabric made from the cellulose pulp of wood.
Made from the by products of the tofu making process. Very receptive to natural dyes, extremely soft fabric made from soybeans.
Considered the "king" of cottons, this long staple cotton has a luxurious feel and is extremely strong. Pima differs from traditional cotton in that it is harvested by hand under perfect growing conditions. This hand harvesting has resulted in Pima Cotton being considered an Eco-friendly alternative to traditional grown cotton.
Recycled polyester fibers which can be blended with other fabrics or on their own to produce a strong, Eco-friendly, re-purposed fabric. Durable and Eco-friendly.
A Polyester fiber made out of recycled plastic bottles that can be made into fleece. An alternative to creating new petroleum based fibers.
A man-made Rayon made of purified cellulose from wood pulp; Alternative to cotton and silk. Combines natural and man-made materials. Versatile and strong.
Giving new life and purpose to an existing fabric that would otherwise be thrown out. For example, using existing t-shirts to make scarves or upholstery to make a handbag.